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Travel Overview

A major factor in the success of any team is consistency. Mad Dog was built from the ground up with a consistent philosophy, passion and work ethic that runs through the coaches and players involved in the program. Everyone in the Mad Dog family is part of something, and the collective, consistent effort from each individual contributes to the success of the program as a whole.

This same philosophy runs through our travel team program where our coaches instill a foundation of fundamental skills, hard work, respect for the game, and most importantly TEAM WORK. This foundation is built on as players advance through the program. Our coaches at each level adhere to the same philosophy, providing consistent instruction at every level.

It is important for a player to be aware of the attributes that will make them a successful lacrosse player. However, players must understand what they have to do in order to become that successful player. Our evaluations will give each player a critique on their strengths and weaknesses as well as a game-plan on how to achieve individual and team goals.

19-23 Depending on the age/skill level of the team. (Boys)

5 Attack, 8 Midfield, 5 Defense, 2 Goalies

15-18 Depending on the age/skill level of the team. (Girls)

5 Low Attack, 5 Midfield (including center), 5 Low Defense, 2 Goalies

Depending on the number of players, a roster could be below 19, but it will never exceed 23 players

The primary focus of Mad Dog Lacrosse is to develop young men and women within our systems. We center on the process in development rather than the end result; it is very important to develop our players, both in their lacrosse abilities but outside of lacrosse as well, so that they carry themselves accordingly in their every day lives. We provide a strong sense of family, allowing each player to be apart of unique group of athletes encouraging every player to push not only themselves but their teammates; With an emphasis on “The Mad Dog Family” being greater than the sum of its parts.

At each tournament we will have a “home base” for each team to revert back to in between games to settle and get off their feet. It is a great way for each team to interact with one another and the parents are able to build relationships as well.

Each Travel Team is composed of those individuals that have proven themselves to the coaching staff that they are fit enough to compete at their respective levels. In evaluating the players at tryouts and practice, the coaches are looking for four attributes:


We expect each player to come to tryouts with a positive attitude and ready to play.


We expect nothing short of 100% effort from each individual to make themselves and those around them better.


The ability and willingness of the player to absorb instruction and constructive criticism, and carry it over into a drill.


On a Travel team the talent level needs to be at a competitive level where the team will succeed.

Players and Parents must understand that this is a competitive travel program and there will be a depth chart for playing time. Coaches will do their very best to give all players the opportunity to showcase their skills, but at certain times playing time will not be equal.

Our coaching staff is handpicked to provide the utmost instruction, intensity, and drive to be successful as a unit. Our staff consists of top professional and collegiate athletes that have played and coached at the highest level of lacrosse, possessing the essential needs to build a strong team.

Our travel teams are a great way for each player to excel on their teams and then build upon their skills to prepare themselves for the next level. With the provided coaching and resources, Mad Dog serves as a gateway to send each individual off into their respective programs with a strong core of knowledge and coaching from top to bottom.

Our staff can offer:
  • Phone calls/emails to college coaches if applicable
  • Recommendation letters for college
  • Intern and employment opportunities with Mad Dog Lacrosse.

When any individual player, parent, or coach puts on the Mad Dog shirt or hat, they represent our program. We hold everyone to a higher standard and expect that everyone conducts themselves accordingly as representatives, as well as, ambassadors for Mad Dog Lacrosse. Our coaching staff values and solicits great sportsmanship and expects nothing less from the players and parents.

Each Mad Dog Lacrosse Player is expected to attend all team events(practices/clinics/games/scrimmages/tournaments) unless told otherwise. We do understand things come up from time to time and we will handle those occurrences on a case to case basis. We do ask that parents let their team coaches know in advance about possible conflicts via text, call, or email.

Player Expectations:
  • Players must understand the team is above the individual, we succeed together: “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” -Michael Jordan
  • Players are expected to be team players At Home, At School, and In Athletics.
  • Players will know the importance of “school first” and education goals.
  • Players will work their hardest to listen, learn and excel.
  • Players will respect coaches, players, opponents, parents, and refs at all times.
  • Players are expected to be great sportsmen. We win with class, and lose with class.
  • Players are responsible for all equipment and gear, not parents.
  • Player’s team bags are organized and lined up for all practices and games.
  • Players are expected to pick up all trash after a team practice or game (even if it’s not theirs).
Parent Expectations:
  • Parents will let coaches know in advance if their player has any conflicts with a team event.
  • Parents will be supportive and good role models of sportsmanship and teamwork at all times.
  • Parents will respect coaches, players, opponents, other parents, and refs at all times.
  • During game play parents will cheer from the opposing sideline and will not coach any player(s).

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